Goals & Objectives

Goals :-

Promotion of teacher education through:

(a)Three major components:

(i) Theoritical Orientation
(ii) School Experiences and
(iii) Practical work

(b) Organization of learner-centred, activity-based and participatory learning experiences.

(c) Engaging student-teachers to critically examine curriculum, syllabi and text books of secondary stage rather than taking them as ‘accepted’ without question.

(d) Continuous critical appraisal of present evaluation system and appreciation of innovative ideas.

(e) Providing opportunity to student-teachers for reflective and independent study instead of teacher directed activities alone.

(f) Re-conceptualisation of citizenship education in terms of human rights, protection of environment and constitutional values.

(g) Developing better social sensitivity to live in a better world.

  1. Inculcation of professional ethics among the student-teachers.
  2. Endeavour to create a healthy academic environment in the neighboring area with direct contact.

4 To prepare the student-teachers to face future challenges.



  • To foster reflective and constructivist teaching-learning approaches
  • To sensitize the learners towards social realities
  • To promote the effectives use of ICT in education
  • To encourage teaching practices grounded in educational research
  • To develop global competencies and life skills among students
  • To inculcate values through curricular and co-curricular activities